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The Application Process for 2015 is now closed
Thanks to everyone who applied for a place in our 2015 program. We received almost 900 applications from across the country. We have started on the assessment process already and we will be announcing the successful students on Thursday 9 June via e-newsletter. Stay tuned. 

What's happening in 2015?
Yes we are running our literacy program in 2015. We have big plans including some exciting changes to our program that mean we will be reaching more kids with better technology. Each year we have experienced a big increase in demand for our e-reading program. We are very happy to announce that we will be supporting 200 students this year. That's 50 new places and an increase of 33 Per cent compared to 2014. Teachers you will be able to Apply Online for your students from Monday 23 March 2015. Our other big news is that we are moving from using e-readers to tablets. You can learn more about the android tablet device we are using this year the amazing Google Nexus 7. This will give us the chance to reach younger children with full colour picture books. We know that the earlier that we can offer support to kids the more likely we are to make a positive impact.

2014 is our best year yet! 
Congratulations to all our students who successfully completed our 2014 e-reader program. Read about the excellent results they were able to achieve in our MEDIA RELEASE.  Find out where we have been working in urban, regional and remote communities across Australia on our map below.   

137 out of 150 students successfully completed our e-reader project. Each of these students demonstrated a measurable improvement in their reading ability against our three key measures:
  • Average amount of time spent reading is improved by 237%
  • Fluency test scores are improved by 26%
  • Comprehension test scores are improved by 61%.
This is data measures changes in performance from baseline testing established before the program begins with follow up tests after the program ends 12 weeks later. 

What they're saying

It's not only about the numbers. We collect feedback from teachers, parents and students so we have a clear understanding of the impact of our work. Below is just a few examples of what they're saying about our work: 

It has made me love reading books. I have learnt words that I have never known before. I feel l can enjoy reading now.

Leon, Student, Regional NSW

We have seen real change and it has been fantastic to see our students get excited about reading. I have loved having the students come in and tell me about different stories they read the night before and I have been truly impressed at how our students went taking care of their e-readers! Thank you again for giving us this amazing opportunity.

Kiriana White, Teacher, Hope Vale State School QLD

The e-reader is fun to use. I read heaps more books than what I otherwise would have. My Mum and Dad are reading more because they see me reading now.

Susanna, Student, Regional NSW

Kylie has developed into a passionate reader. Her reading has improved since started the program and she is well and truly a more confident reader now than before. Thank you.

Nicole Fransen, Teacher, Clyde Fenton Primary School NT


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Evidence & analysis

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